Indigenous Haute Couture Fashion and Apparel

    Livia Manywounds specializes in custom one of a kind Indigenous Haute Couture Gowns and apparel rooted deep in culture and tradition. Each piece brings her stories to life through intricate detail and design.


    We are super excited to have showcased our new "Blackfoot Woman" Collection at Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week November 23, 2023 at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The Experience was AMAZING! We want to keep the momentum going, our wearable art is now available for purchase on our partner website. Click the link and you'll be transferred to another site to buy our wearable art. We are beyond appreciative of your support! Stay tuned on our social media for updates and more news in the new year! Instagram @livmanywounds

    Photo by Jaden Rivet VIFW23

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    Blackfoot Woman Collection

    As showcased at Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week 2023 plus a little more extra's! Only Available for the month of December, limited Quantity!


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    Grandmother Collection

    The Grandmother collection is a collaboration of the artists own work intertwined with her late grandmothers beadwork. A story of birth, earth, love and kinship. Now Available! To order click on the link and you'll be transferred to a new website.

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    Livia Manywounds is a former CBC Reporter Producer, She operated a first of it kind pop up bureau reporting in underserved First Nation communities within southern Alberta, Canada. Now, she shares her experience and provides cultural insight into reporting within Indigenous communities through her presentation, "Indigenous and Reporting in Indigenous Communities".

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    Indigenous Wellness Journal Series

    This multi-talented entrepreneur created a first of its kind book series of Indigenous Wellness Journals with 3 published internationally on Amazon. The journals are designed to create a more welcoming space for wellness journaling specifically for Indigenous women. The monthly journals are indigenously designed, divided into weekly sections with 7 days of daily journaling, weekly self assessments, affirmations, notes, and so much more.

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    • Indigenous Wellness Journal: Gújāánáts’īná - Healing

      5 Star Rated!

      Indigenous Wellness Journal was designed by Livia to create a more welcoming space for wellness journaling specifically for Indigenous women, girls, Two-spirit, & LgBTQ+ or anyone that relates. It is a monthly journal divided into weekly sections with 7 days of daily journaling, indigenously designed. This Wellness Journal includes weekly self assessments, TsuuT'ina language affirmations on pages, notes, and so much more

    • Deadly Aunty Wellness Journal

      Deadly Aunty Wellness Journal is for the rezziest, baddest, Aunty of all aunties that is taking the steps towards wellness and breaking those inter-generational trauma cycles OR just wants to improve her deadly self! Write it out babe, organise, and have a little humour!

    • Notebook: Traditional Teacher. Language Keeper. Indigenous Creature

      This book is created with Indigenous Digital Art rooted in tradition and culture. The perfect notebook for the strong rising matriarch on the go or the student that needs a trendy notebook that is colorful and traditional. This book includes motiviational quotes with photographs of indigenous models pictured wearing creations by Dancing Storm Designs at the 2022 Indigenous Fashion Arts Toronto Fashion Show. It also includes a to do list and thank you acknowlegdement.